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March 07, 2018 1 min read

Our photo shoot for this seasons collection was our most successful yet!

The hot day in late August had us yearning for the cooler days that would soon come in the fall. The blazing sun did, however, provide excellent lighting for the outdoor shoot. 

Although out outcome looks effortless and relaxed, there is a ton of work that goes into the preparation and execution of a photo shoot!


  • Come up with your concept and theme of your photoshoot based on the look and feel, emotion and what you want to convey from your collection
  • Find the location of where your shoot will take place
  • Plan and source the wardrobe, any props 
  • Hire photographer, model, stylist, hair & makeup


  • Be flexible with your schedule
  • Drink lots of coffee 
  • Photograph your session
  • Remember to get some behind-the-scenes shots
  • Edit all photos (this is a long process)

 Check out our latest shoot here

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